Integration of doctoral students of the Graduate School of Decision Sciences into the research environment and the constitutional framework of the University of Konstanz is facilitated by a variety of internal institutions. A central task is to reflect and to meet the needs and interests of young researchers in all areas concerning their stay at the University of Konstanz.

The University of Konstanz has gathered all information that is relevant for doctoral students and students interested in pursuing an academic career at a Doctoral Students Portal.

The Welcome Center at the University of Konstanz supports doctoral/PhD students from abroad, visiting scientists and researchers, postdocs and newly-appointed professors - and as a family friendly University also their families - in the planning, preparation and realisation of their stay in Konstanz.

The University of Konstanz is certified as a family-friendly university since 2006. The compatibility of a career, studies, and family is a key pillar in an equal opportunity orientated, forward looking university that aims to create better conditions for families on a sustainable basis. The Office for Equal Opportunity and Family Affairs offers numerous measures that make it possible for those involved to harmonise their work or studies with having children.

The Academic Staff Development is the central service unit of the University of Konstanz for career support and human resources development for junior researchers at all levels of qualification. The course program covers competency development for science and university teaching, career planning and funding strategies, orientation and field competence in the science system, role definition and leadership responsibilities, planning and defining of specific career phases and decision-making processes as well as time management, work-life balance and the compatibility of family and an academic career.

The Career Service of the University of Konstanz especially emphasises on cooperation with regional institutions, corporations, and companies, as well as with the German Federal Job Agency. In addition, courses and workshops for students are regularly offered (in German language only).