Workshop “Behavioral Decision-Making”, October 5-7, 2018

From October 5th to 7th Baiba Renerte, Jan Hausfeld, Sebastian Fehrler and Irenaeus Wolff, from the University Konstanz and TWI, hosted a Behavioral Decision-Making Workshop for local and international researchers as well as GSDS doctoral students from the University of Konstanz.

While behavioral decision making in generals studies how people make decisions when faced with incomplete information, limited cognitive resources and decision biases, and examines the normative question about what represents the best judgements and decisions, this workshop focused on the improvement of the decision-making process. The goal of the Behavioral Decision-Making Workshop was to investigate how the decision-making process can yield actual decisions that are similar to optimal ones. Therefore the focus was placed on two major areas within the field of behavioural decision-making: biased belief updating and stochastic choice. Moreover the workshop aimed to connect theory and empirical research in order to raise awareness of different approaches in behavioural decision-making. It also facilitated the exchange of ideas of both fields and created an opportunity to determine future research areas.

Konstanz-Lancaster Workshop on Finance and Econometrics, July 30 – 31, 2018, University of Konstanz

From 30th to 31st Juli 2018 the fourth Konstanz-Lancaster Workshop on Finance and Econometrics took place at the University of Konstanz. Various doctoral students participated at discussions covering both financial and econometrical topics.

With guests from highly regarded universities, e.g. the University of Manchester, the University of Vienna and the University of Lancaster, we had a mutual exchange of ideas, viewpoints and proposals. At a dinner in the Café Turm the participants of the University of Konstanz had the possibility to expand their network and to discuss about their interests in the field of economy.

 Joint Doctoral Workshop on “Applied Microeconomics”, July 17, 2018

On the 17th July the first joint doctoral workshop with the focus of Applied Microeconomics between the Universities of St. Gallen and Konstanz took place and was organized by Frank Pisch (St. Gallen) and Stephan Maurer (Konstanz). The workshop in Applied Microeconomics allowed doctoral students as well as researchers in their early post-doctoral phase to present their work and receive feedback form other researchers from the same research area. Hence the workshop provided many occasions for motivation, interesting discussions and new contacts. Thematically the workshop targeted different fields of applied economics. Hence a wide range of presentations focusing on different fields could be offered as for example public economics, political economy, labour economics, development economics and international trade.

11. Judgement and Decision Making Workshop for Early Career Researchers, June 06 – 08, 2018

The 11th Judgment and Decision Making (JDMx) Workshop & Conference for Early-Career Researchers took place in Konstanz on June 6-8, 2018. For over ten years, the Judgment and Decision Making (JDMx) Workshop & Conference has been an international and interdisciplinary platform for PhD candidates and early postdocs. It has successfully provided them with the opportunity to discuss latest research innovations, present own work, and network with peers. The 3 days event is complemented by both keynote lectures from senior researchers and workshops focusing on advancing technical abilities like programming and data analysis. This set-up was thus perfectly suited to support young researchers to scrutinize their own research, team up for new projects, and improve their skill sets for the job market. Each year, early-career researchers from another research institution volunteer to organize the conference. This year, a group of PhD candidates at the GSDS tasked with organizing the JDMx and were excited about the opportunity to host peer researchers and provide the platform. Bringing the JDMx to Konstanz was perfectly aligned to the institutional goals of the GSDS: To support and promote a diverse and inclusive academic community by bringing together international researchers from different disciplines.
Organizers: Nathalie Popovic , Felix Gaisbauer, Tamara Gomilsek, Nico Gradwohl, Tjasa Omerzu, Ruchira Suresh (GSDS)

Conference and Summer School in Quantitative Finance and Financial Econometrics, May 28 - June 01, 2018, Marseille

From 28th May to 1st June five doctoral students from the Department of Economics at University of Konstanz visited Marseille and participated at both a 2.5-day summer school, taught by Sebastien Laurent and Andrew J. Pattern, and a conference covering financial and econometrical subjects. The main topics of the conference were big data in finance, empirical finance, high-frequency data, new methods in quantitative finance, time series forecasting and volatility and risk-modeling. The two key-note speakers were two internationally well-established researchers: Andrew Pattern from Duke University, USA and Dick van Dijk from Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherland. The co-organization of this conference and summer school represented the first-step in a fruitful cooperation between the econometrics and finance group from the Department of Economics at University of Konstanz, QEF, GSDS and the AMSE of the Aix-Marseille University.
Organizers: Roxana Halbleib, University of Konstanz, GSDS, Université Catholique de Louvain, Center for Operations Research and Econometrics (CORE), Aix-Marseille University, Aix-Marseille School of Economics (AMSE) and University of Orléans at AMSE

Organizational Economics Workshop, May 25 – 27, 2018

On the 25th and 26th May Sebastian Fehrler, Moritz Janas and Nick Zubanov organized an Organizational Economics Workshop, which took place in the historic district of Konstanz. Moreover this workshop was supported by the Graduate School of Decision Sciences and the Thurgau Institute of Economics (TWI) at the University of Konstanz. Different topics of Organizational Economics were covered during this workshop such as the delegation to a group, the question about what referral bonuses do and how negotiations works in cooperation’s.

Annual Meeting of the FoJuS - Young Scholars Association in Policy Analysis and Public Administration at the GSDS, February 22 - 23, 2018

Exchange and discussion about current research projects is an important part of academic work. Promoting early and informal exchange already at the level of doctoral students is therefore one of the goals of the Forum Junge Staats-, Policy- und Verwaltungsforschung (FoJuS), whose annual conference took place at the University of Konstanz.

On February 22 and 23, 2018, Yvonne Hegele, current member of the GSDS, hosted the 11th Annual Meeting of the FoJuS at the University of Konstanz. Under the title "Administration as an Actor - Actors in Administration", doctoral students from various German universities discussed their current research in the field of policy analysis and administrative science.

At a roundtable on Thursday evening, the conference participants discussed with Dr. Katrin Auel (Institute for Advanced Studies Vienna), Prof. Dr. Gijs Jan Brandsma (University of Utrecht) and Prof. Dr. Ines Mergel (University of Konstanz) the topic "Pursuing an international career in academia". First of all, the discussion revealed the differences in the scientific systems of the Netherlands, Austria and the USA and the respective status of administrative science. While public administration research is hardly ever pursued in Austria, it has a very high status in the Netherlands. In the USA, a more strict distinction is made between economic and management-oriented public management research and political science oriented administrative research. In addition, the participants received important tips on prerequisites and strategies for an academic career. Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Nathalie Behnke, Jun. Prof. Sebastian Koos and Jun. Prof. Christina Zuber, all PIs and JIs of the GSDS, participated as discussant of the papers. The event was also financially supported by the GSDS.