Course Catalogue Summer Semester 2016

Course Catalogue SS 2016

Course / Seminar Descriptions Summer Semester 2016

GSDS Research Colloquium

Seminar in Scientific Writing and Publishing

Advanced Development Economics - Outline

Course Development Economics

Course Catalogue Winter Semester 2015/16

Course Catalogue WS 2015/16

Course/Seminar Descriptions Winter Semester 2015/16

GSDS Research Colloquium

Design and Data Analysis for Experiments

Programming Economic Experiments with z-Tree

Reflexive Decision Theory

Research Designs for Causal Inference in Public Economics

Decision-Making in the Cockpit: Traps and Biases

Course Catalogue for the Academic Year 2014/15

Course Catalogue 2014/15

Course/Seminar Descriptions

Advanced Development Economics

Comparative Political Economy

Empirical Public Choice

Seminar Subjective Probability Judgements in Economic Games

The Model of Frame Selection

Course Catalogue Academic Year 2013/2014

 Course Catalogue 2013/2014

Course/Seminar Descriptions


Design and Data Analysis for Experiments

Forecasting Conflict

Lecture 1: 14.10.13 (video)

Lecture 2: 15.10.13 (video)

Lecture 3: 16.10.13 (video)

Lecture 4: 16.10.13 (video)

Lecture 5: 17.10.13 (video)

Geographic Information Systems

Inferential Network Analysis Workshop

Programming Economic Experiments with z-Tree

Topics in Advanced Macroeconomics

Topics in Advanced Microeconomics

Course Catalogue Academic Year 2012/2013

Course Catalogue 2012/2013

 Course/Seminar Descriptions

Agent-based Modelling for Social Scientists

Doctoral Seminar in Finance (SS 2013)

EJPE Academic Writing Workshop

Experimental Conflict Behaviour

Hot and Cold Processes in Consumer Decision Making

Core Concepts in International Relations

Design and Data Analysis for Experiments

Topics in Advanced Macroeconomics: Heterogeneity and Public Policy

The Impact of Motivation on Information Processing