V Workshop on Dynamical Systems and Brain-inspired Information Processing: July 29-31, 2019

This workshop focuses on data-driven approaches to machine/statistical learning  based on exploiting dynamical systems, sometimes brain-inspired, to perform complex computational and information processing tasks.  Various mathematical connections have already been established between dynamical systems and the classical concept of Turing computability, but it is not clear whether this notion is the most adequate  from a dynamical systems perspective.

Contributions to the workshop are invited to cover topics including:

  • nonlinear dynamical systems and phenomena that can be used for information processing and storing
  • reservoir computing approaches

One of the sessions of this workshop will address the application of novel machine/statistical learning approaches to the modeling of complex molecular systems. Discussions will include the interplay between mathematical modeling, statistical (data-driven) learning and computational chemical modeling. This workshop session aims at bringing together mathematicians and theoretical/computational chemists interested in applications of the information processing ability of a class of dynamical systems in connection with the reservoir computing approach to accelerated simulation methods (such as coarse graining), data processing and inference for prediction of static and dynamical properties of molecular systems.

The workshop is the fifth in a series with this name. The first two were held in 2012 and 2015 in Besançon (France),  the third one in 2017 in Brussels (Belgium), and the forth one in 2017 in Konstanz.

Previous Worshop Editions

Venue and Transportation

Workshop will take place:

October 5th: room G227a

October 6th: room K7


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