Doctoral Workshop in Econometrics (Hohenheim) - March 26-27, 2015

This workshop brought together PhD students in Econometrics from the University of Tübingen, the University of Hohenheim and the GSDS. Jointly organised by six econometrics professors from these three universities the workshop serves as a platform to discuss recent work in the field of time series analysis, microeconometrics and financial econometrics.

2nd Konstanz-Lancaster Workshop on and Econometrics (Konstanz) - April 30-May 04, 2015

Organised by the GSDS this doctoral workshop ‘Finance and Econometrics’ brought together PhD students and researchers from the Lancaster School of Management with their colleagues from the GSDS. The major goal of the workshop was to present and discuss current research papers at the intersection between Econometrics, Statistics and Finance with a larger group of experts from these fields. Keynote speaker at the workshop was Prof. Peter Robinson (LSE), one of the leading experts in nonparametric methods and time series analysis. The doctoral workshop was the second jointly organised workshop with the Lancaster School of Management.

2nd GSDS Retreat (Kloster Obermarchtal) - June 10-11, 2015

The Graduate School’s Science Retreat took place at Kloster Obermarchtal. Its main purpose was to facilitate the exchange of ideas and research results as well as to develop new collaboration prospects, since daily occasional encounters at the University leave little time for this. There were 14 talks given by doctoral students and professors of the Graduate School.  In these talks, the broad spectrum of research within the GSDS was once more demonstrated. Moreover, outside of the official programme, there was enough time to discuss research ideas and methods in small groups.

Workshop "The Political Economy of Inequality and Conflict" - July 16-18, 2015

This workshop will bring leading applied conflict researchers from both economics and political science to the University of Konstanz and allow GSDS faculty and doctoral students to interact with these colleagues. The workshop is jointly organized by Profs. Kristian Skrede Gleditsch (Essex/Konstanz) and Gerald Schneider (Konstanz). The workshop is the kick-off event for the research activities of Prof. Gleditsch at the University of Konstanz; he will come to Konstanz for the entire month of July 2015. Gleditsch has recently won the Anneliese Maier Award from the Humboldt Foundation, which will bring him repeatedly to Konstanz over the next five years. He is affiliated with both the GSDS and the Zukunftskolleg as an affiliated senior scholar.

Frontiers of Theoretical Econometrics. 60th birthday of Don Andrews (Yale), Conference - August 01-02, 2015

In celebration of Prof. Don Andrews' (Yale University) 60th birthday 80 leading Econometricians from around the world come together at Konstanz University for a one and half day long conference to exchange new ideas in theoretical Econometrics. In 16 presentations and in two poster sessions cutting edge research is presented spanning a wide range of topics in Econometrics on estimation, inference, and forecasting in point and partially identified models that cover cross sectional, time series, and panel data. Frontiers of Theoretical Econometrics

Doctoral Workshop on Quantitative Dynamics - September 18-19, 2015

Political Economy: Theory Meets Empirics- Workshop - September 18-19, 2015

This workshop brought together researchers working on political economy topics, such as voting, campaigning, lobbying or public good provision. The international list of speakers included both theorists and empiricists - the latter group splitting up into researchers using observational data and experimentalists. We had participants with backgrounds in economics or political science. Several GSDS doctoral students and GSDS affiliated faculty participated by either presenting their own work or discussing the presentations of our 12 external guests. The workshop was organised by Sebastian Fehrler and Zohal Hessami from the University of Konstanz and Maik T. Schneider from the University of Bath (UK). The next round of this annual event will take place in Bath.