GSDS Brown Bag

Winter Semester 2019/2020

G 421

20.11.19 12.00 Philipp Lutscher

Signal of Power? Propaganda during Contentious Times in Competitive Autocracies

27.11.19 12.00 Simon Stehle

The effect of official property valuation

04.12.19 12.00 Benjamin Guinaudeau Floor Speeches and Ideological Position: a New Approachto Estimate Ideological Position of Representatives
11.12.19 12.00 Nico Gradwohl

Informing Judgments and Decision making through social information


12.00 Mario Krauser

Educational Resource Curse? A Disaggregated Analysis of Oil Ownership and Human Capital Formation

08.01.20 12.00 Julian Schüssler

Causal Graphs: Applications for Instrumental Variables, Mediation, and Sample Selection

15.01.20 12.00

Tjaša Omerzu

Influence of the prior knowledge on learning in a multiple-cue judgment task

22.01.20 12.00 Konstantin Bätz

Overshadowed Liberalism: Protectionism during Interstate Disputes.

29.01.20 12.00 Maurizio Strazzeri Family reunification for refugees and labor market integration
05.02.20 12.00 Julia Becker

Direct democracy versus representative democracy. A lab experiment

12.02.20 12.00 Sascha Göbel From Twitter to Ballot. Using Neural Networks to Estimate Voting Behavior