GSDS Research Colloquium

Winter Semester 2016/2017

18.10.201611.45-12.45Fadong ChenSequential Sampling Process with Intuition
25.10.201611.45-12.45Jan MellertTwin D’s and Credit to the Private Sector
08.11.201611.45-12.45Anja Shortland (King´s College London)The Role of Mafias and Insurgencies in Governing Kidnap for Ransom: Evidence from Colombia
15.11.201611:45-12:45Ansgar Wohlschlegel (University of Portsmouth)Rent Seeking and Bias in Appeals Systems (with Tim Friehe)
22.11.201611:45-12:45Andreas JungherrExplaining Public Support and Opposition Toward Trade Agreements: Accounting for Partners and Externalities
29.11.201611:45-13:15Sam BowlesEndogenous Preferences and Public Policy: Why good incentives are no substitute for good citizens
06.12.201611:45-12:45Anastasia ErshovaThe Salience-Discretion trade off in the EU legislative politics
13.12.201611:45-13:15Ulf-Dietrich ReipsInternet-based experiments: Characteristics, Methods, Innovations
10.01.201711:45-12:45Irenaeus WolffLucky Numbers in Simple Games
17.01.201711:45-12:45Lyudmila GrigoryevaFinancial volatility forecasting with non-scalar multivariate GARCH models
24.01.201611:45-12:45Florian KunzeWhen your client discriminates against you: External relational diversity effects in service jobs
31.01.201711:45-12:45Fabian DvorakRenegotiating Cooperation: Communication in Noisy, Indefinitely Repeated Interactions
07.02.201711:45-12:45Franziska DeutschmannThe Interaction between Socio-demographic and Economic Aspects in the Aftermath of the German
14.02.201711:45-12:45Christina Schneider
(University of California, San Diego)
The Dark Side of Cooperation: When International Organizations Spread