GSDS Research Colloquium

Summer Semester 2018

15.05.201811.45-12.45                         Johannes VüllersThe Use of Nonviolent Actions by Rebels in Civil Wars: Evidence from Nepal
05.06.201811.45-12.45Benjamin Scheibehenne (University of Geneva)Perceptual Bias or Risk Preference? Towards a better understanding of how people integrate sequential information
12.06.201811.45-12.45Erik Herron (WestVirginia University), Susumu Shikano Micro-level Foundations of Contamination Effects in Mixed-member Systems
19.06.201811:45-12:45Marco MennerCorporate Governance and Employee Satisfaction
26.06.201811:45-12:45Stephan MaurerOf Mice and Merchants: Trade and Growth in the Iron Age
03.07.201811:45-12:45Gerald Schneider, Mario Krauser, Tim WegenastNatural Resource Management, Economic Growth, and the Provision of Public Goods

Robert Kirkby (Victoria University of Wellington)

Machine Learning the Consumption Function