GSDS Research Colloquium

Winter Semester 2017/2018

17.10.201711.45-12.45     Miriam Gensowski Joint Choice of Education and Occupation: The Role of Parental Occupation
07.11.201711.45-13.15Christina ZuberAnchoring social science methods in theories of causation
14.11.201711.45-13.15Marcel FischerWho buys homes when prices fall?
21.11.201711:45-12:45Anselm RinkDoes Public Opinion Affect Elite Rhetoric?
28.11.201711:45-12:45Jana MareckovaFlexible Aggregation of Categorical Regressors for Estimating Conditional Mean Functions
05.12.201711:45-12:45Marco MennerWhy the Ross Recovery Theorem does not Work Empirically
12.12.201711:45-12:45Guillaume A. KhayatThe Corridor's Width as a Monetary Policy Tool
09.01.201811:45-12:45Andreas JungherrChanging minds by activating predispositions: Framing free trade

Emilia Oljemark

Asymmetric Information and Reputation Building in a Trust Game
23.01.201811:45-12:45Yibo SunStatistical Investigation of High-dimensional Volatility Processes
30.01.201811:45-12:45David GrammlingIntergroup Discrimination and Political Orientation
06.02.201811:45-12:45Nathalie PopovicHow We Deal With Risk Information When Influenced by Stress and Negative Affect