GSDS Research Colloquium

Winter Semester 2018/2019

F 425

Date                     Time                      ReferentTopic
13.11.201811.45-12.45                         Gerhard Riener (Uni Düsseldorf, DICE)The Hidden Cost of Violent Conflict: Sorting into Local Labor Markets  A Field Experiment in Colombia
20.11.201811.45-12.45Jan Sauermann (Uni Köln, Cologne Center for Comparative Politics)Fairness or Foresight: Why Is Majority Rule Stable?
27.11.201811.45-12.45Stephane Wolton (LSE, Department of Government)A Political Economy of Discrimination
04.12.201811:45-12:45Adrian ChadiInfluenza Vaccines, Employee Health, and Sickness Absence – A Field Experiment at the Workplace
11.12.201811:45-12:45Tommy KriegerDemocracy and Institutional Quality: Theory and Evidence
08.01.201911:45-12:45Lukas Rudolph (ETH Zürich)Europe's Refugee Crisis, Intergroup Contact and Asylum Attitudes

 Nick Zubanov

Skill Dispersion, Firm Productivity, and Production Technology: New Empirical Evidence and Implications
22.01.201911:45-12:45Adam Joinson, University of Bathtba
29.01.201911:45-12:45Patrick WeberThe Impact of Economic Interests on the Imposition and Effectiveness of Sanctions
05.02.201911:45-12:45Sebastian HellmeierThe Role of Pro-government Mobilization in Authoritarian Regimes