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Prof. Dr. Susanne Goldlücke
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Placement administrator:
Jutta Obenland
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Job Market Candidates 2018 - 2019

Robin Braun


Advisor: Prof. Dr. Ralf Brüggemann

Job Market Paper:
Identification of Structural Vector Autoregressions by Stochastic Volatility

Phillip Heiler

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Winfried Pohlmeier

Job Market Paper: Shrinkage for Categorical Regressors

Research Fields: Causal Inference, Econometrics of Evaluation, Shrinkage Estimation, Regularization, Nonparametric Econometrics

Ekaterina Kazak


Advisor: Prof.Dr. Winfried Pohlmeier

Job Market Paper:
Optimal Portfolio Allocation with Statistical Learning

Research Focus: Financial Econometrics, Statistical Learning, Robust Inference

Bihemo Francis Kimasa

Advisor: Prof. Dr. Leo Kaas (Goethe University Frankfurt)

Job Market Paper: Occupational Job Reallocation with Firm Dynamics

Research interests: Macroeconomics, Labor and Product Markets, Firm Dynamics


Tommy Krieger


Advisor: Prof. Dr. Heinrich Ursprung

Job Market Paper:
Should we care about Data Aggregation? Evidence from the Democracy-Growth-Nexus

Research Topics: Political Economy, Economic Development, Public Economics

Marco Menner


Advisor: Prof. Dr. Jens Jackwerth

Job Market Paper:
The Ross Recovery Stochastic Discount Factor

Research Focus: Asset Pricing, Empirical Finance, Corporate Governance