Call for Papers

How do humans make decisions? How do we interact? How do we form institutions and how do they affect decisions? In the Graduate School of Decision Sciences (GSDS), scientists from psychology, economics, political science, sociology, statistics and computer science investigate these and related questions, and also provide training and supervision for doctoral students. The Graduate School of Decision Sciences has been funded in the framework of the Excellence Initiative since November 2012.

For this conference, we welcome theoretical and empirical contributions from all disciplines of the GSDS and especially encourage interdisciplinary contributions. Submissions should address questions concerning our research areas:

  • Area (A) on “Behavioural Decision Making” explores the foundations of human decision making processes.
  • Area (B) on “Intertemporal Choice and Markets” investigates decision making in groups and markets, with a focus on decisions with a longer planning horizon in economics and finance.
  • Area (C) on “Political Decisions and Institutions” studies collective decisions, which are the keystone for research in political science and political economy.
  • Area (D) on “Information Processing and Statistical Analysis” develops methods to generate and analyse data.

The keynote speakers of the conference are Catherine E. de Vries (corresponding to Area C), Ernst Fehr (corresponding to Area A), Dominik Hangartner (corresponding to Area D) and Adam Szeidl (corresponding to Area B).

If you would like to present your research at this conference, please submit either a paper or an extended abstract (max. 300 words).